DIGC302 Critique – The Regent’s Resistance


The Regents Resistance is an interesting digital artefact I have been following the course of throughout this semester. One of my classmates, Emma, has created a series of podcasts that tell a fictional story of a girl named Isla who was bred for militaristic purposes. Set in a post-apocalyptic world Isla with a group of allies have escaped from the controlling government and created a resistance. Emma narrates the podcasts or ‘broadcasts,’ as they are called on her website, herself and I must say she does an excellent job of sounding clear and using pitch variation when she narrates, which keeps the listener engaged.

From my understanding Emma’s aims were to differentiate her creation of a fictional world through the medium of podcasts, which would enable her to target a younger audience and give them an entertaining experience. She has the entertainment factor down pat but the number of listeners needs some work. I understand a lot of time has gone into content creation and perfecting the website design, leaving a gap in promotion of the podcasts. There is a twitter account that keeps in character for this fictional world that currently has 3 followers, this being said the first post was only made on the 19th of October hopefully with time and more promoting Emma can start to attract more of an audience. I would suggest that looking into ways to increase a following through twitter should be researched and implemented, there are plenty of resources online to assist with this.

The trajectory of The Regents Resistance has essentially remained on track since the initial idea at the start of the semester. There was a change in the original idea of having 30 minute long episodes; the current episodes are 3 -5 minutes. Personally I think this change is for the better, the shorter podcasts allow the listeners to be fully engaged with the content for the time it is playing and breaks up the content. Although an idea could be for every 10 podcasts or so to merge all the episodes into one downloadable package allowing someone to listen to 40 minutes of content all at once. Generally I listen to podcasts or audio books by putting the content onto my phone and playing it in my car when I go for longer drives, so this idea would be favourable for someone who wants to listen for longer periods.

The concept this post-apocalyptic world explores is one of a controlling government who censors reality to citizens. This is a really interesting concept to cover; it reminds me of what is happening in North Korea at the moment with the strict censorship laws. So extreme that it is a criminal offence to receive broadcasts from outside of North Korea, sort of similar to what is happening in The Regents Resistance. Another concept the broadcasts touch on is genetic modification of humans, Isla is created to be a solider, once again another interesting concept to cover as this is something that will probably be big in the future. Similar to the sci-fi film Gattaca where your DNA determines your social class and genetic discrimination is an issue. As the full story is not posted available yet it will be fascinating to see how Emma further explores these concepts and how the resistance’s world develops with the characters trying to break free of both their government and genetic controls.

In terms of methodology Emma did her research before creating the narrative, she mentioned she read books in this area during the story creation process and she already has an interest in this topic as well, and you can tell as her passion comes through in her work. The editing process was tedious and the website design was timely, which is why the first podcast was released on the 30th of September. The three broadcasts released after this one have been posted a little bit unevenly, for example a 2 day gap to a 2 week gap. It would be beneficial if podcasts were released more consistently, perhaps on a weekly or biweekly basis. This will require more planning and structure but will pay off as a regular schedule is what helps listeners to stay engaged with content.

In Emma’s beta presentation she showed us around her website and twitter page. Her website looks impressive with its own domain name and personally customised logo, it really sets the tone for the story. One thing I thought could have been done in the presentation was for Emma to play us one or even just a part of her broadcast, just so we could see the work she has achieved. I do understand it can be a bit daunting to present work like that in front of a classroom though but it would have been good to hear.

Overall The Regents Resistance is a well thought out and enjoyable project that has a great potential to go far. It shows the creativity Emma possesses and is a project she should be proud of; I hope to see more podcasts out soon so I can listen along!


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