The Future of Journalism

The future of journalism is not as bleak as it is made out to be. If you focus on newspaper revenues, newspaper advertising and their audience participation, sure it has all dropped and it looks like it this is the be all and end all of journalism, although as Tom Rosenstiel states in his TED talk this is because of the new ways the audience can now consume the news. With this change journalists and news organisations need to rethink their business model as the old one is not working as well as it used to (TED 2013).

The audience today does not have to adapt their behaviour to consume the news, no more having to be home in the evening to watch the news on the television, now the news media has to adapt to the audiences behaviour (TED 2013). It must be more convenient and transparent, as a better version of that story is now just a click away. Journalists need to provide evidence and quality as most people go to a second source for their news, and this source will be by a name they trust (TED 2013).

Consumers have a role in journalism like never before. They have a role in providing information for journalists; like taking pictures of natural disasters, contributing videos of crimes that happened and could be used as evidence as well as using social media to find the consumers.

Journalism has been spread across many mediums, and in David Carr’s video with Bloomberg Media he mentions that all these different platforms might mean the golden age of journalism. There is still much that is needed to figure of a new business model for the changes of journalism, but I feel that this is an exciting time for journalists and new media will create better journalism overall.



Rosenstiel, T 2013, The Future of Journalism, online video, 28 May, TEDxAtlanta, viewed 17 April 2014, <>

Fiedler, T 2014, NYT’s David Carr on the Future of Journalism, online video 6 March, Boston University, viewed 17 April 2014, <>


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