Journalism a dying profession?

In the lecture Marcus describes journalism as a rough draft of history that has a political role as well as an entertainment element. We all know that without a doubt journalism has changed and is changing, but what is the future of journalism? Most people will instantly think of the business model of journalism. How the interest in newspapers has declined and journalists are getting laid off, journalism is dying right? There is more to it than that, it’s not that journalism is dying it’s that news consumption has shifted. In the lecture it was said that 7 in 10 adults aged under 30 will get there news from social networks.
When I reflect on how I obtain the news it is true to this shift of news consumption. I mainly get my news of Reddit, and sometimes even google news if I am trying to find a certain topic / get a general gist of what is going on in the world. Only if I am ever eating and watching TV and the news will be on is how I would get news from TV.  

So journalism has remained the same for so long, playing the role as the ‘gatekeeper’ informing the public in an institutional way and one that promises quality. We now see the convergence of media and the effects this has had on journalism. As the Domingo et al reading states “the borderline that seperates professional journalists and their audience seems to be blurring” (2008, p. 326). Now that some user generated content is deemed journalism quality of stories have diminished along with trust. To keep people interested journalists need to make reading news desirable while maintaining quality but also becoming more that just the content producers they used to be. They have to embrace innovation and the community, as now they are involved in all this more than ever.


David Domingo , Thorsten Quandt , Ari Heinonen , Steve Paulussen , Jane B. Singer & Marina Vujnovic, 2008, “Participatory Journalism Practices In The Media And Beyond,” Journalism Practice, 2:3, 326-342,


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