Wikileaks – A stateless News Organisation

Wikileaks is a controversial website that publishes secret information from anonymous sources. Its ‘leaks’ have frequently become front page news and have even gone so far as to change results of elections.
Jay Rosen mentions that Wikileaks is a place that allows whistle-blowers to present their information. Wikileaks allows a whistle-blower to show corruption while remaining anonymous, unlike other media organisations that want to reveal the whistle-blowers identity. I have always thought it was unfair that whistle-blowers receive so much flack for bringing the truth out, and now with new media anonymity is allowed and the truth can come out in more of a just way. This is just one way Wikileaks differs from other media companies.
Wikileaks is different from other media organisations, it is a stateless organisation. This gives Wikileaks the freedom to publish information that other journalists cannot. They can show confrontational videos that determine the true state of war; one shows American soldiers killing journalists then firing on people trying to help wounded and afterwards having a laugh about it.
Wikileaks can get away with doing this, because unlike other journalists they don’t have to answer to bosses, advertisers, governments and other stakeholders that don’t agree with the information being published. Therefore the real horrors of war or other news is able to be shown to the public, with no filters applied. 


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