Internet of things, scary or amazing?

The internet of things is a crazy innovative bunch of everyday objects that are connected to the internet. These objects take information from the real world and upload it to the internet, its very exciting stuff. For example now your fridge can tell you what groceries you need and what meals you can make based on the food you have in your fridge. These types of connected objects are growing and will continue to grow in ways I can’t even imagine, this video helps explain this growth and what the internet of things is all about.

Everything you do can and will be monitored by these internet of things. Houses will know and remember your every want and need, the software would eventually start making decisions for you as well. While this all sounds great I can’t help to feel a bit creeped out by all this, do we really want to be under surveillance all of the time? What happens when hackers start to control these connected objects, the cameras that you take pictures with start watching you.

Hopefully privacy tools and laws will prevent all that scary stuff from ever occurring with these smart objects. Allowing us to have smart devices that can make our lives incredibly easier to co-exist with our need for privacy.


One comment

  1. Although this is inevitably where our society is heading, I find this sort of reliance on technology extremely disconcerting because at the end of the day along with all the convenience that this can offer us, we fail to see, or don’t want to see the risks and ramifications that could come along with it. For example lack or forfeit of privacy and lack of security.

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