The Social Network


Copyright Yadav Thyagaraj

Networking is everywhere around us, with today’s technology we are all connected to one another. As Castell says networking forms our social life, just look at Facebook for example, people who don’t have accounts are deemed weird or social outcasts. In some ways it is true, without joining social networking platforms there is no way you can keep up with your friends, one way or another you’ll be left out of something.

Metaphorically speaking the world has shrunk; it is so easy to communicate with somebody on the other side of the world. For example I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands; if I want to talk to him I can easily send a message or Skype him within a matter of seconds. Castell describes networking as the structural basis for globalisation. Networking has allowed other cultures, views, products and ideas to creep into one another and create globalisation.

When I hear of networking I think of people in a workplace environment being artificially friendly with each other so they can climb the corporate ladder. Although according to Castell organisations that adopt this kind of behaviour are more successful. If mergers and strategic alliances are the way to go then it’s true what they say big is beautiful. I guess I should start reading the top ten networking tips after all.

In today’s world there is no escaping networks, we are more united than we have ever been and constantly are updated with news and notifications about each other’s lives. Networking will continue to grow and I think this is a great thing.



  1. I absolutely agree, I think often people get freaked out that we are becoming such a connected, network society but I think that it offers so much more to us than it detracts. The Internet has shrunk the world and compartmentalised our lives and I think that if we stay mindful about it we can advance to a network society that is informed and connected, without becoming physical nodes in a global matrix…

  2. Its true that networking makes people more successful and I like how you pointed that out. Even in a ‘strength in numbers’ sense, being connected means we can break down walls and no longer be strangers. In a perfect world the whole planet could pool its strengths and have each others back instead of being divided and therefore weaker. Networking helps us move closer to this by at least giving us an instant connection with which to communicate. Even if we don’t always use it to the best of ends, the potential that is there sure is impressive.

  3. I really like this post but i feel that being able to connect to people all around the world within seconds can also have a negative aspect. What about kids who get bullied at school? In the past once you left school and when home, all the bullying was over for the day but now all the kids that pick on you at school can see your profile and what your doing and you can no longer have a safe place as a result of this networking system. Thanks to facebook and skype and can keep in contact with all my friends all around the world but sadly there is a negate side and i feel that many people over look this aspect.

  4. Good post. I too, am very positive/enthusiastic about the capabilities and endless opportunities made possible by the internet. While it is important to acknowledge it is not without its negative implications, I think that alot of us take the internet for granted. I think that if people in the past could have had access to such a network, they would have been incredibly excited/grateful.

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