Reflection time

To finish off with blogging for BCM112 here’s a personal reflection of three of my blog posts.

Revenge of the Nerds
I choose this blog post as I think it is the first post where I started to write more reflectively on the topic from the lecture. I write more reflectively because I add my own opinion on the topic about how nerds are perceived in society.  My nerds are cool post includes relevant examples in the form of hyperlinks and a small personal experience, which is an element of reflective writing. I also think it is one of my better reflective posts because I’m not just relaying information back to the reader which I tended to do in my earlier ones.

My blog post on remix culture is another one which shows reflective elements, as I’m once again not just retelling information I learnt from the lecture. This blog ties in other topics from previous weeks showing a connection of areas discussed in this subject. I also like the example I used for demonstrating the samples used in particular songs are the same, it is a good example for summing up the topic. The sentence starting with “I realised that” shows that I am thinking and understanding the work, that I am reflecting on it through a realisation and thus have had a learning experience.

Women on-line 
The blog post that I did on misogyny to females online is another one I feel is one of my best. In this blog I use a very recent example of higher power women, Hilary Clinton, being judged on her appearance and by doing this I appeal to an audience who has been through the same thing. I also highlight the troublesome issue of the upsetting things females online have to deal with, raising awareness to the issue. I believe this post incorporates my personal opinion, a reflection of information and applicable examples to back up what I am saying. 


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