Women online

When it comes to the internet and being a girl there’s no hiding the sexist comments that come with this ‘dangerous’ combination. The amount of times I’ve come across the oh-so-hilarious ‘get back in the kitchen’ jokes and ‘girls don’t exist on the internet’ types of comments is infuriating. What annoys me a lot is the attention that is drawn on females in power appearances for example this article.

Although recently Hilary Clinton made an appearance without make-up! Looking up the ‘incident’ on the internet I braced myself for horrible articles about how this is so terribly wrong, I was pleasantly surprised when most of the articles and comments were defending her, save a couple. Maybe there still is some faith in humanity.

The real issue though is the misogyny female bloggers have to deal with. They receive countless aggressive, threatening emails from people who want to silence women from speaking out. Last year they launched a campaign against misogyny with the twitter #mencallmethings female bloggers had the power to name and shame and hear similar stories, as well as raising awareness to this issue that shouldn’t be an issue, because gender inequality online is ridiculous.


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