Citizen Journalism, good or bad?

Equipped with the internet and social media websites like Twitter, the rise of citizen journalism has occurred. The debate to whether they are detrimental or helpful is ongoing. So why are citizen journalists bad? They dont have any qualifications, don’t have the proper equipment and training like real journalists, they accidentally might add their own bias into the story skewing the view of readers and lastly don’t understand the ethics behind journalism. For example  Alexandra Le Tellier complains that a citizen journalist has gone too far by uploading a video of dead bodies from the Moscow airport body.
Although  the pro’s of citizen journalism is that it creates a sense of contribution, citizen journalists can be a subsidiary to professional journalists, they bring a different angle to the news and professional journalists cant be everywhere citizen journalists allow for extended coverage . Citizen journalists coupled together with professional journalist can properly inform readers, which is primarily their job. Citizen journalists raise awareness to issues that otherwise might not have never gained any attention, for example this slide show of citizen journalism.


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