Music is at a stage where you no longer have to be talented musician to compose music. Any ‘producer’ can make tracks at home using programs such as, this program is the same one world recognised musicians use to make their songs and it is also available to anyone.

I realised that the topic of remixing music ties in with previously blogged topics such as the popularity of nerds, because of the assumption that the people who are creating remixes sit in their bedrooms all day and sitting on their computers playing with sample tracks and mixing them together. It also is relevant to users becoming prosumers, with ease of access to sample data bases like this website almost anyone can create content, good or horrible, onto the net.  

The remix era is booming. Popular songs have been remixed into songs that rival the popularity of the originals, like Daft punks track Harder Better Faster , which turned into Kayne West’s version. Although the original Harder Better Faster samples Edwin Birdsong’s song Cola Bottle Baby, which proves the rareness of true originality in songs, making it seem like there is a never ending line of predecessors. 


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