Revenge of the Nerds

Nerds have become more accepted in society now, but I disagree that all nerds are cool. There is a distinction between nerds and people who use technology. There are still certain things considered “nerdy” that would be detrimental to one’s social life if they admitted to partaking in it, such as this video even the comments below pay out the boy in the video, (I would know from firsthand experience the ‘fun’ one can have from being outed a WoW player in high school, that stuff sticks with you). Although compared to this article about Steve Jobs, it praises him for making nerds cool “the antisocial, tech way of life soon became cool.” Though this is talking about Facebook, Twitter and apple products which are all cool things to be a part of, in fact if you don’t have a Facebook account you are considered to be a loser.

Nerds have become more proud to be nerds though, for example this forum and there is even merchandise. It is true that nerds have become cool, but only to some extent; the hard core geeky nerds don’t get the acceptance the socially awkward ones do.

Nerd Power!


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