A perspective on PIP

The PIP breast implant case is still persisting in the media. To gain more of a perspective of how others think this case is being presented in the media I talked to my mum, to see what she has heard about the issue.

The different platforms of media my mum had come across the breast implant issue, was through hearing it on the radio, reading the Sunday newspaper and watching a Current Affair. As the case has been covered through a number of media platforms, all with their own representations, it must be quite heard of and the public would have some kind of awareness for the issue.

My mum said that overall the media mostly had the same representation. This being that the PIP breast implant issue was presented in a way that explains the recipients who underwent the surgery were subjected to having an experience of discomfort for quite some time over various visits to general practitioner’s. As well as the presentation of it taking many complaints over a large amount of time of their voice to finally be heard, and then for the makers to accept responsibility for the dangerous implants they had created.

It’s apparent, through my other blog post sources and the conversation that I had with my mum, that the media is portraying this issue in an informative and consistent manner which all subsequently say that the patients had little information and the creators are trying to hush the situation down.


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