The Never Ending Story

When I think about massive stories like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings they arent just a fictional narrative anymore, they have their own ‘world’. This is because of what we learnt this week; transmedia story telling. The two examples have content that comes through many forms of channels, such as books, movies, games and merchandise. This made me think about how due to the diversity of the delivery of content, it allows for such a solid community of fans because it appeals to many more people.
This week’s topic of transmedia narratives made me contemplate my childhood of being involved with the exciting world of Pokémon. My entry point was through the TV shows, and once this sparked my interest I explored more. I remember collecting the Pokémon cards and playing and comparing them with my friends and brother.  The fact that I had other entry points to this story, like TV series, games and movies makes it a transmedia experience.



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