The Breast Implant debacle continues in the UK

The on-line article from UK’s sky news further reiterates the PIP implant issue. This media form talks about the government being at fault, women with the problem and plastic surgeons who carried out the procedures. All of these parties are represented in different lights.

The article represents the government in a negative way, there is a disapproving tone when they are is mentioned. The first line explains “the Government have been criticised for not warning women sooner about the potential risks of faulty implants.” The government has come under accusation for not disclosing information regarding women’s health.

On the other hand women are the uneducated sufferers in this situation. Brenda Kennard and Andrea Warrilow are the representatives for women in this article. They both express their disgust and horror in learning about their harmful implants. As the government did not straight away release the information they are also angry about not being notified.

The article claims that plastic surgeons knew they were using industrial grade silicon as the material in these breast implants. It also says that plastic surgeons are said to have “failed to give women the information they needed before consenting to the operation.” In defence to this statement plastic surgeons claim they didn’t have the information themselves.

The concluding statements in the article demonstrate that this issue is still on going and investigations are taking place.

Many on-line articles are writing about the PIP issue. Meaning that this form of media is greatly raising  awareness to the breast implant issue, this article in particular gives insight to the three different parties.   Source


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