The users have evolved

The line between audience and producers is blurring. Right now, as I type this blog I am producing content and uploading it to the internet, effectively making me no longer just a consumers but a prosumer. In the lecture we were confronted with Jay Rosen’s quote ‘the people formally known as the audience,’ never before have users of technology been so empowered. It is the mass that creates a difference now, for example the social news website Reddit has a strong community sense where ‘redditors’ help out other ‘redditors’. In particular the case of a teenage school girl being severely bullied, the school wasn’t doing anything about it so she turned to Reddit asking them for help, within hours of the original post reddiors had bombarded the schools email and it forced them to fix her problem. This example demonstrates how the power of many people enables empowerment and this empowerment wouldn’t be possible without the internet, because of its dialogic nature and easy access.
Though with good comes scepticism, questions of credibility arise, the internet is an easy place to post whatever you like with no charge, you can be heard and participate. Meaning there is no filters or gatekeepers on the internet, so how do we know what is credible on the internet? Like the Chinacoup situation rumours can spread fuelled by the ease of producing content on the internet.


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