Aftermath of PIP implants

The PIP breast implant case is a sensitive topic for women with the implants. The consequences of the industrial grade silicone being inside a human body have affected health and finances of women.

A British woman, Suzzane Ellis’s problems have been a colossal tragedy in her life. She claims that she had a stillborn from a leakage in her breast implant poisoning her unborn baby and subsequently killing her future son.  Not only that, but the implants were causing her well-being distress as she developed long-lasting headaches and extreme itching under her skin.  This news is represented as an on line article, with emotive language it is displayed in a way that makes it an emotional yet informative piece. It evokes sympathy for Suzanne and her loss.  Suzanne questions “the manufacturers of PIP implants put my health at risk and risked the life of my son. How many other women have suffered?” This media piece shows the particular issue of PIP as one that demonstrates the detrimental effects of these implants.  Link

Sixty minutes did an investigation on PIP, and attempted to acquire answers from Jean-Claude Mas who is the only one who really knows what is in the silicone implants, though he evidently refused interrogation.
Thirteen women from Queensland told their stories and described the symptoms they have experienced from the dangerous implants. This being “hair loss, joint pain and extreme fatigue.” The debate of between plastic surgeons who are saying it is safer for women to remove the implants versus the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) who claims they need more evidence before they do anything about it continues whilst women suffer and wait for them to make a decision. Link
Due to the visual nature of this issue it allows the audience to connect even more so with the issue. It is represented so we can see the distraught ladies who this issue has effected, they are shown in a helpless and innocent way. On a juxtaposition we are confronted with evasion of the guilty maker who refuses to be interrogated about his makings, which represents him in a further culpable position.


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