Locked vs Unlocked

Week fours lecture, I ♥ gadgets: platforms, permissions and ideologies in technological convergence, got me thinking about how nowadays we are constantly connected to one another, no matter the distance. This is especially true when it comes to the invention of the all so popular smart phones. I have recently undertaken the experience of purchasing my first smart phone, not really understanding before what all the hype was about, it annoyed me how people were constantly playing on their smart phones. I was content with my little Nokia which just had the capabilities of texting and calling people, none of this fancy internet business. This brings me to wireless access, which now embeds the internet further into our lives and makes communication immensely attainable. Now I cannot escape Facebook, my phone gives me instant updates on notifications, making me accessible via communication in more than one way on one platform.
Apple vs the android section of the lecture interested me; Apples iPhones are locked devices whilst androids are an open and free platform. There are a teeming amount of possibilities with androids. A small victory for me as I have consciously never owned an apple product, the mp3 I use now is a Microsoft Zune, my phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia and I’ve stuck with a PC. The ideology behind Apple  is that they supposedly provide and know everything that you need in a phone, you don’t want anything else. Whereas Androids allow you to make more choices, it allows a generative environment. Choices allow for innovation and progressive behaviour, though it can come with consequences such as viruses, spam, identity theft and unexpected crashes. Users need to be aware of unintended dilemmas.


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