The issue: PIP Breast Implants

After being forced to read newspapers, watch the news and scan the internet the issue I have decided on researching the issue of the French-made Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) implants, and how it is represented in the media.
The Sunday Telegraph (March 11, 2012 issue)  delivers an article about how the government is assisting Australian women with this affair. Health Minister Tanya said “women who had implants made by the now defunct French company Poly Implant Protheses would be able to claim rebate for an MRI scan.”
What is the concern about this particular brand of breast implants? The implants were splitting much quicker than other brands. This is because PIP was using a cheap unauthorised silicon which ultimately makes it rupture.

This Sunday Telegraph article more so represents this issue as an update on the fact that women can now rebate their MRI scans, the scans show whether the implant is defective or not. Women are the uninformed victims in this situation and the government is helping out with a phone line to provide information and advice. This is an international issue, affecting approximately 400,000 women all over the globe.


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