You wouldn’t steal a car

Copyright is used to protect ideas, it helps recognise who created the idea, or intellectual property and demonstrates that they own it. Back in the day, post 18th century, you could only own something if it was tangible. Content creators had no copyright ownership, meaning that people such as Shakespeare, Mozart and Newton’s creations were up for the taking by anyone and it was legally okay to do so. I found it fascinating how, although there was no protection for these famous musicians, scientists and writers, they are still rightfully recognised as the original creators, though legally people all over the globe at that time were stealing their ideas. Without copyright why create new ideas? Today it is argued that without copyright or intellectual property no one would bother to make new ideas as little or no acknowledgement would be celebrated to the rightful author.
What about fair use? Fair use is not so much a right but more a protection agency against litigation. It allows users to take a part of the copyrighted material without asking for permission, though it only applies to certain purposes. What gives creators more freedom with their creative work than creative commons? I thought this video from the lecture effectively portrayed exactly what creative commons was.
The way we use content that is available is restricted, we need to be aware of what we use in case unintentional breach of copyright infringement occurs. For example the next time you sing happy birthday you are singing a song owned by TimeWarner, who has the right to sue you for this. This weeks lecture made me think about if the restrictions copyright has over content is too controlled, especially after hearing the ‘happy birthday’ fact I wonder what other copyright infringements I have unintentionally broken.


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