Hello Wordpress

Hello readers,
This blog will be used as a place where I will divulge into the world of Media and Communication studies, namely the courses BCM112 and BCM110. Lets get personal, a bit about me, my name is Elise Testa and unless you count reposting pictures on tumblr from other tumblrs, this is my first real blog and I’m excited to make the most of it. I’ve just finished year 12 and consequently have just started uni, so I have the whole start of the year determination to do my best, I wonder how long that will last. Honestly I’m still deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I’m 18 years old, as my about me entails and I want to get involved with uni life.
But back to business, I have no idea how this blog will turn out or how to really use a twitter account, theres a first time for everything right? Right now I’m laughing at my future self how has the dim path of lots of assessments and study to face. Here goes to the journey ahead.


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